lunedì 2 luglio 2012

Inside the book

Inside the book by la casa a pois
Inside the book, a photo by la casa a pois on Flickr.
I found this book this morning, at the Montreuil Fleah MArket.
At home, I opened the pages and I found a note from the 1970.
It says: "Ecole Communale de Garcons, Jules Ferry. Prix decernè
a l'élève Boulanger Patrick pour son assiduité, ses efforts, 
ses dispositions morales et les résultat de ses compositions. 
Année scolaire 1969-70."
42 years are passed... I was moved to find this small paper. I wonder 
if this boy would love to receive it back...

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Annafranca Coviello ha detto...

Come nel film "letters to juliet"...!!!

la casa a pois ha detto...

oh sisi

Anonimo ha detto...

perché non provi a cercare l'interessato?? ciao,sara