martedì 11 dicembre 2012


S.Lucia by la casa a pois
S.Lucia, a photo by la casa a pois on Flickr.

Work done for Corriere della Sera.

Eleven years ago my life changed. Very deeply.
Nothing would have never be the same.
I am still fighting for not making me feel this incompletness.
When me and my brother were childre,n we were very exchited by the arrival of S.Lucia, expecially me because I was the youngest.
I don't want to let these memories go away, I want to protect them, keep them for making me feel warm when I need.
All my memories really existed, we were existing as brother and sister.
Sometimes I forget it.
But if I look carefully I can see us and our sweet connections.

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Vita parallela ha detto...

Buona notte di S. Lucia anche a te.
Un abbraccio da Bergamo.