martedì 19 febbraio 2013


Memories by la casa a pois
Memories, a photo by la casa a pois on Flickr.

This is the place I love most in all Paris. An old woman still keep her cofee and tea shop like it was in the sixties.
It's a time gate. I can jump directly in the past.
I can feel the beauty of the old and simple Paris smelling wonderful parfumes of coffee and inspired by the atmosphere.
It´s a poor shop not clean, not fake vintage, spontaneous. Once a week i go to buy something just for entering there...

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Badit ha detto...

Volevo dirti che le tue foto e i tuoi disegni sono veramente belli e molto...particolari.
Li trovo così delicati e intimisti che ogni volta che entro a vederli mi sembra di violare la " privacy "..
Ciao :)